The Man Who Called Tesla at $8 (Split-Adjusted) Has Just Discovered...

“The Next Tech Giant”

  • This Small Cap Stock Has Already Signed AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint to Its Partner List
  • Its CEO Turned His Last Company Into a $27 Billion Global Powerhouse
  • It Manufactures a Linchpin Piece of 5G Technology You’re About to Start Seeing EVERYWHERE

It can fit in the palm of your hand... weighs less than a can of soup... and uses less energy than a night light.

It’s not a gaming console... smart speaker... VR headset... robot vacuum... or any other type of overhyped gadget.

And it could become even more common than television sets and smartphones. 

Every day, you could see this strange device sitting in your house... in your friends’ houses... at work... and in your local coffee shop.

And each time you see it...

You’ll thank your lucky stars that you found out about it NOW...

Before the general public realizes what’s going on...

And the media crowns the company behind it “the runaway stock story of the decade.”

You see... this little device could ultimately emerge as the linchpin of the 5G revolution.

Experts call 5G “the holy grail”... “the lifeblood of the new economy”... and “the mother of invention”... with “an impact similar to the introduction of electricity or the automobile.”

It’s poised to save MILLIONS of seniors’ lives... protect our nation against ALL military and terrorist attacks... and create a staggering number of new fortunes.

U.S. companies are on track to create 3 million new jobs... spend $275 billion... and add $500 billion to the economy.

Technicians are quietly laying down the groundwork in Sacramento, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Austin, Nashville, Minneapolis and Chicago.

In fact, the first 5G network is already live in New York City.

But without devices like the one I showed you at the beginning of this presentation, none of it would be possible.

It’s what I call a “linchpin” technology.

In short, none of the 5G systems will work without devices like these.

They’re the KEY to all of it.

Linchpin technologies are rare. They come along every decade or so.

And when you find one of these technologies... hold on to your hat.

Because the gains can come very quickly for investors.

Especially when the small company behind a linchpin technology is virtually unknown.

Take Skyworks Solutions. Back in 2009, few people had ever heard of it.

But a teardown of Apple’s iPhone 4 revealed that it contained Skyworks’ radio frequency semiconductor.

This chip enables smartphones to communicate with wireless networks. Without it, the iPhone is just a fancy shell.

In other words, Skyworks’ technology was the key to the iPhone working.

So as iPhone sales went through the roof, this linchpin helped Skyworks soar from $3.88 to $117.65... a rare 30-fold gain in eight years.

Or look at Cree. In 1991, it launched the world’s first commercial silicon carbide wafer.

You can find these types of wafers in virtually EVERY electronic device.

They are the linchpins that make it all work.

So as the consumer electronics market grew to $211 billion, it should be no surprise that Cree rose from just $0.66 to $101... an extraordinary 152-fold gain in sixteen years.

Now consider Akamai Technologies. At one time, it traded for pennies.

Then Akamai became the leading content delivery network for social media giants.

As social media adoption jumped from 5% to a whopping 72% of all adults, this linchpin helped Akamai grow from a mere $0.56 to more than $86... a rare 153-fold gain in sixteen years.

These are some of the largest historical gains in the tech industry.

They’re rare and hard to come by. And they can change your life forever.

While I’ve booked gains of this size in my personal accounts, I’ve yet to deliver these types of profits to my readers.

I believe that will change today.

The small cap tech stock behind this mind-blowing device... the next linchpin of 5G...

Could easily dwarf any opportunity I’ve recommended before... 

You could buy many, many shares for less than $1,000... and ride this stock to untold heights as these devices get shipped out to homes all over the country.

That’s the size of the opportunity here.

I call this company “the Next Tech Giant.”

Why am I so confident?

For one, the guy running the company has done it before.

The CEO is a 35-year veteran of the tech industry.

Before he joined the Next Tech Giant, he helped turn another small company into a global powerhouse with $27 billion in sales in the space of just ONE decade.

That’s more than Advanced Micro Devices, Motorola and Activision... combined.

In other words, he knows how to scale a technology and take it to next level.

In fact, he’s in the process of doing that right now.

As the Next Tech Giant rolls out its new breakthrough 5G device, it’s already signed AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile to its partner list.  

And there’s more...

The CEO has also created partnerships with industry leaders like American Water Works, General Electric, Chevron, Cisco, IBM, Shell, Coca-Cola, Uber, Amazon, Barclays and Wells Fargo.

It even counts the U.S. Army and Department of Homeland Security as customers.

But before I get into the nuts and bolts...

Let Me Tell You Why I’m the Most Qualified Man to Help You Profit From the 5G Revolution

My name, by the way, is David Fessler.

I’ve been in the tech business for decades.

I was one of the ground-floor guys designing automated systems for Silicon Valley...

Systems which are now used by Apple, Amazon and the Department of Defense to detect and predict anomalies in their software.

But for the past 12 years, I’ve held an executive position in one of world’s leading financial research advisory firms.

My job is simple...

  1. I look for breakthrough technologies.
  2. I identify the companies rolling these technologies out.
  3. And then I show my readers how to generate massive windfalls when they are adopted all across America.

Funnily enough, I first acquired a taste for playing the market when I worked in the telecom industry.

I was VP of sales at a company called LTX, which sold test equipment to AT&T.

By my estimate, I’ve sold more than $1 billion worth of equipment to AT&T in my lifetime.

My company was gaining recognition for its advanced model of semiconductor testing equipment.

Most folks just thought of us as a factory... making “parts” or “gadgets.”

Unlike everyone else, I saw this technology for what it was: a linchpin in the dot-com boom.

I could tell that it would change the game – much like the Next Tech Giant’s strange device.

Texas Instruments, National Semiconductor and Acer Laboratories were rushing to LTX to get their hands on our device.

I started buying LOADS of shares. And when I ran out of capital... I took out a second mortgage on my house – and bought even more.

My wife and my father both thought I was insane. But they soon changed their tune.

This stock and others sealed my early retirement at 47.

That’s how powerful a linchpin technology can be.

And while I don’t like to brag, I’ve continued racking up wins just like this. But my favorite profit opportunities are the ones I’ve shown my readers across my multiple publications.

I also was one of the first to tell people that Tesla was going to skyrocket.

I first wrote about the company in April 2013, when it was trading at just $8.27, split-adjusted.

Here’s what I wrote at that time...

Investors who want a pure play in the electric vehicle (EV) space might do well to consider investing in a few shares of Tesla Motors.

Given the enthusiasm for the company’s cars and its rapid growth rate, you might be able to afford one yourself in a few years just by selling the shares you purchase now.

In August 2020, Tesla topped $400 per share... a gain of 4,737%!

$1,000 in that one trade would’ve turned into $48,370.

Now, this is an exceptional example and one of the best and biggest gains I have identified...

But I believe the small cap stock I’m telling you about today is the next one that could skyrocket.

Its device is poised to spearhead the 5G revolution.

A revolution that will be spearheaded by the device I’m telling you about today.

And I believe the folks on track to make the most money... will be those invested in the small cap stock behind this peculiar gadget.

Identifying a Linchpin Technology Is the No. 1 Way to Make Money in the Markets

But – and I can’t stress this enough – you need to grab shares NOW if you want a shot at the biggest potential profit.

5G is set to change this country as we know it... kick-start the Fourth Industrial Revolution... and make a small circle of investors extremely rich.

And just ONE company is sitting on what I believe to be the linchpin device behind it all.

You’ve probably noticed that I say the word “linchpin” a lot.

The reason for this is simple...

A linchpin technology is the foundation of paradigm-shifting innovation.

It is a breakthrough discovery that paves the way for a vast range of industries and companies.

Think of the steam engine. It was the linchpin technology of the Industrial Revolution.

After James Watts perfected the steam engine...

The textile industry exploded...

Coal and iron production went through the roof...

Mining became more profitable...

And steamboats and locomotives transported unprecedented numbers of goods.

The steam engine was a MAJOR linchpin technology, and its inventor became very wealthy.

For a more recent linchpin example, consider the semiconductor, my personal area of expertise.

It is the backbone of the internet.

Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon...

NONE of these companies would exist without these electronic chips.

You can’t even start up your car without setting a bunch of semiconductors in motion.

The semiconductor is a TRUE linchpin technology.

It’s the reason Silicon Valley is a nearly $3 trillion neighborhood.

And a gigantic technological shift is mere weeks away from becoming a reality.

The transition from 4G to 5G will be as big as the transition from Morse code to landlines... and from landlines to cellphones.

5G will be the most monumental advance in the history of cellular network technology.

This 5G Revolution Is Taking Shape in Real Time RIGHT NOW

Good Morning America recently ran a segment titled “How 5G Technology Is Changing the World.”

In it, Nicki Palmer, the head of technology and product development at Verizon, discusses how 5G will usher in speeds 100X faster and bandwidth 1,000X greater than 4G networks...

In addition to introducing massive connectivity on an unprecedented scale.

Some folks have compared it to the shift from horse-drawn carriages to automobiles.

But to my mind, it’s more like trading in a three-legged donkey for a Boeing 747.

Just watch this mind-blowing video of a 5G-powered prototype...

It’s going so fast... it basically broke the needle on the speedometer.

I worked as an engineer for 32 years, and even I’m SHOCKED by the sheer power of 5G technology.

But 5G won’t just supercharge your cellphone.

It’s going to change the world in remarkable ways you’ve never even imagined.

Here’s a brief rundown of all the industries 5G is set to completely transform...

  • The $1.8 trillion energy industry: 5G will help unleash a wave of “smart grids,” electrical networks designed to handle the advanced technical requirements of the 21st century. This could save our economy $36 billion a year.
  • The $5 trillion agriculture industry: 5G will usher in a massive upgrade to our nation’s farms. Autonomous tractors will sow seeds, sensor-equipped drones will monitor the crops, and cows will wear 5G-connected collars that tell farmers everything from what they’re eating to how they’re sleeping.
  • The $7 trillion healthcare industry: The healthcare system deals with a projected 2.3 quadrillion gigabytes of data, from patient information to high-resolution MRI images. 5G-enabled systems will be able to process this data efficiently, with practically no lag.
  • The $22 trillion retail industry: Mobile shopping is already massive. More than 100 million Americans made a purchase on their smartphone in 2018. Just imagine how many more purchases they’d make if their internet connection were 100 times faster. The profit potential is HUGE.
  • The $35 trillion manufacturing industry: The remarkable power of 5G networks will encourage the adoption of augmented reality (AR) in factory settings. This is PROVEN to boost productivity by up to 50%.

5G is TRULY – as The Washington Post puts it – “the mother of invention.”

Nothing prior to it in the evolution of cellular technology even comes close...

This Is Bigger Than 2G... 3G... and 4G... COMBINED

And here’s the kicker. Even though NONE of the past generations held an iota of 5G’s game-changing promise, they’ve ALL dispensed life-changing fortunes to investors who got in early.

The “G,” by the way, stands for the “generation” of cellular network.

The first 1G network was launched in Japan way back in 1979. The phones using it were bigger than a brick – and weighed almost as much!

But if you were lucky enough to be able to afford one of these prototypes, you could finally call your friends and family while you were on the go.

AT&T subsidiary Ameritech brought 1G to the U.S. in 1983 with the Motorola DynaTAC mobile phone.

And the launch of 1G led to massive stock market gains.

AT&T went on to soar 1,135% in 14 years...

And Motorola jumped 2,522% in 16 years.

The second generation was introduced in the early 1990s.

The first 2G phones appeared in Finland in 1991.

These 2G mobile systems enabled people to send text messages for the first time.

Nokia released the first GSM digital phone, the Nokia 1011, and soared an astonishing 4,748% in 16 years after going public.

Meanwhile, Qualcomm launched cdmaOne – the linchpin wireless interface behind 2G – and jumped a whopping 7,705% in 16 years.

Then, at the start of the new millennium, 3G gave cellphone users access to broadband-speed internet.

All of a sudden, phones weren’t just for making calls – they could also be used to surf the web, send emails and watch viral videos.

3G was about 33,000X slower than 5G, and telecom stocks STILL went completely ballistic.

Companies like Cincinnati Bell and InterDigital were crucial to 3G adoption.

Cincinnati Bell’s linchpin transmission network helped the stock go up 2,696% in 18 years...

And InterDigital’s linchpin broadband technology produced 5,015% gains in 20 years.

That brings us to 4G, the latest evolution.

4G networks provided enough bandwidth and speed to allow real-time information and location-sharing. This advancement helped give birth to ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft.

Once again, even though 4G didn’t give rise to a fraction of the innovations 5G promises to deliver, it still handed savvy investors supersized gains on linchpin companies.

Like 1,400% in nine years on linchpin transistor maker Diodes...

2,155% on linchpin chipmaker Broadcom in nine years...

And a mind-blowing 13,435% in 16 years on linchpin cell tower company Crown Castle.

The message is crystal clear.

Every time the telecom industry adds a G to its system, investors have the chance to make a fortune.

And now, they are adding a fifth G.

While we can’t be 100% certain about which companies will benefit the most, there is no question investors are going to get rich.

Now, you have to understand that in the last six years of my current publication, my recommendations have produced an average return of -5% with an average holding time of 215 days.

But that does not include the 4,737% return on Tesla, which I recommended when I was writing for The Oxford Communiqué.

If you include the Tesla gain, the average jumps to 31.3% every 235 days.

That’s how much a big gain can impact you.

31% in less than a year for seven straight years is tremendous.

It’s why I’m willing to accept losses as a cost of doing business – because I know that just one huge winner can make all the difference.

But now that we’re playing 5G for profits, I expect our track record to go through the roof.

You see, 5G won’t just make our mobile phones, wireless internet access, video streaming and download speeds a hundred times faster...

It’s also going to usher in a whole new era in terms of what technology can do to make the world a better place.

Harvard Business Review reports that 5G is positioned to be...

And here’s the thing...

I believe the peculiar device I showed you at the start of this presentation...

Is the linchpin of the 5G revolution.

And the small cap 5G stock I've told you about today is set to be the biggest winner in the 5G revolution.

I’ll show you more in a minute.

But first, you may be wondering...

This Single Device Revamps Your Entire Internet Experience

What makes this device so special?

In short, this single device renders most current internet appliances obsolete.

Let me ask you a question...

Have you ever noticed that when you’re out in a crowded space... your phone takes forever to load anything?

Have you ever been at home with guests over... and the internet suddenly slows down to a snail’s pace?

Do you have to reset your internet router day in and day out and the darn thing still won’t work right?

If so, you aren’t alone.

Our networks are so overloaded with users, we are running out of bandwidth to support them.

If things stay as they are, the internet will soon become almost unusable.

Scientific American, for example, did a big exposé on this issue, calling it...

It’s a major problem.

In short, if we keep going with 4G, the internet could soon stop working completely.


In 1995, just 16 million people were on the internet.

Today, there are more than 4.5 BILLION internet users.

That’s a 280-fold increase.

More and more people are logging on, but eventually we’ll hit a breaking point where all of it slows down.

As New Scientist reports...

And here’s the thing...

The device I’ve been telling you about will help solve the problem completely.

The moment you install this device in your home...

You can throw away your worthless router...

And connect to any available 5G network instantly for speeds unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

I’m talking about blazing-fast speeds of up to 2.4 gigabits per second.

As you browse the internet, you’ll be shocked by how the pages load not in seconds... but instantly.

When you watch Netflix or Hulu, you’ll be blown away by the crisp 4K video quality of your favorite TV shows.

What’s more, the device runs for up to 24 HOURS on a single battery charge.

And it’s built to supercharge home AND business performance alike.

It comes complete with the ability to connect up to fifteen devices simultaneously...

And provide enterprise-grade security features and firewall protection.

Plus, the early reviews are in, and folks are RAVING about it.

Nolan C. calls it “life-changing.”

Sascha Segan, a reviewer at PCMag, describes it as “awesome.”

And James H. of Sacramento, California, puts it simply: “It’s just a great system.”

Incredibly, the company that manufactures this device is a small cap stock.

But that is poised to change very soon.

It could hand you a fortune.

Of course, I urge you to honor my “buy up to” price and not go chasing the stock.

There’s always risk in investing, including the risk of loss, and this opportunity is no different.

But you can’t deny the fact that 5G has the world’s smartest investors licking their chops.

Clear Ventures recently launched a $180 million fund exclusively targeting 5G and other cutting-edge technologies.

Venture Capital firm Brain Corp invested $186 million in innovative 5G technologies.

NexStar Partners – an early-stage VC firm – has invested $117 million in startups that will grow massively with 5G.  

And in December 2018, G7 Networks completed a whopping $320 million funding round to boost the Internet of Things – perhaps the biggest potential beneficiary of 5G.

Many of the world’s billionaires have had the foresight to secure their share of the imminent 5G windfall.

Bill Gates has staked $627 million on this wireless revolution.

Jeff Bezos has invested $1.7 billion in companies that will benefit from 5G.

And Warren Buffett has allocated an extraordinary $47.4 billion to a popular 5G play.

Like me, these men built their fortunes on their ability to predict – and profit from – paradigm-shifting trends.

I have no doubt that they sense the profits in the air – they KNOW that 5G will hand them enough money to last for CENTURIES...

And they KNOW that if they fail to lock in a portion of the profits... they’ll regret it for the rest of their lives.

It’s the same question that faces you today.

Do you take a chance on the small cap stock behind the device that will help power the 5G revolution?

Or do you sit on the sidelines and watch passively as these billionaires transform into trillionaires practically overnight?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and your best shot at making...

The Greatest Tech Trade in Stock Market History

The Next Tech Giant behind this disruptive device has been quietly attracting a lot of attention from institutional investors.

Vanguard, BlackRock, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and others have all taken stakes valued at $180 million.

You really can’t fault them for their confidence. Investing in the Next Tech Giant is practically a no-brainer.

This company has signed contracts with Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Qualcomm, Nokia, Ericsson and several other 5G power players.

It has 79 patents...

It works with big industry leaders like American Water Works, GE, Chevron, Cisco, IBM, Shell, Coca-Cola, Uber, Amazon, Barclays and Wells Fargo...

It counts the U.S. Army and Department of Homeland Security as customers...

And it manufactures the linchpin technology behind 5G, the biggest technological advancement in global history.

International Data Corporation Reports: 5G Poised to Grow 4,824% Over Four Years...

According to the International Data Corporation, the 5G infrastructure market is on track to grow from $528 million in 2018 to $26 billion in 2022.

That’s a growth of 4,824% in just four years.

And the technicians building this infrastructure are much more likely to turn to the Next Tech Giant before they go to its far more expensive Chinese peers.

The Next Tech Giant is already seeing a big uptick in business as a result of the president’s punishment of China-based telecom companies.

In a recently filed financial document, the Next Tech Giant’s CEO wrote that “these restrictions caused an acceleration of global providers [directing] business from such companies... and to [the Next Tech Giant.]”

There’s no doubt this business could soar sky-high as the 5G revolution gets fully underway...

Other smaller companies have seen massive increases in share value caused by far less momentous developments.

If you invest in the right 5G company, you could bag huge gains in the coming year.

I believe that the Next Tech Giant is the one company set to profit most from 5G.

It is the No. 1 5G “superstock” in the world.

And I’ve laid out all the details on it in a dossier titled...

“The Next Tech Giant: The Small Cap Stock Behind the 5G Revolution”

In this exclusive dossier, you’ll find its name, its ticker symbol and ALL the reasons I believe its technology will power the shift to 5G.

And let me tell you, the shift to 5G is coming hard and fast.  

AT&T has launched 5G Evolution, its 5G precursor, in dozens of markets...

Verizon just flipped the switch on its 5G network in New York...

Sprint’s 5G network is LIVE in New York and Los Angeles...

And T-Mobile has implemented its 5G backbone in more than 1,000 cities.

The time to invest is NOW.

And the stock to buy is not the telecom giant that’s been around since 1885... the chipmaker getting hammered by the trade war... or the patent holder entangled in multibillion-dollar lawsuits.

The stock to buy is the one set to reap the lion’s share of profits from 5G’s liftoff phase...

Everything you need to know about this once-in-a-lifetime trade recommendation can be found in my dossier “The Next Tech Giant: The Small Cap Stock Behind the 5G Revolution.”

But I don’t want to just give you my best pick and send you on your way.

I want to ensure that you get exposure to every piece of the coming 5G windfall. And I am NOTORIOUS for leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of profits.

I’ll also send you...

“The 5G Millionaire’s Cheat Sheet: Six 5G Stocks to Buy Immediately”

Because let’s face it... 5G is going to be MASSIVE.

And while I believe the Next Tech Giant will be 5G’s biggest winner...

It won’t be the ONLY success story.

After all, we’re talking about a market poised to grow 4,824% in four years. There’ll be many different ways to profit from 5G...

From the companies that create the software... to the ones that build the infrastructure... to the ones that makes parts for the new 5G smartphones.

That’s why I’ve put together a dossier of the six very best companies perfectly positioned to profit from the 5G revolution.

This dossier will provide you with a comprehensive plan to help you build a 5G portfolio.

For example, there’s one company that controls the cell towers. The big telecoms pay it rent, and this company passes 100% of that rent down to the shareholders.

I’ll also go over...

  • The two “magic words” you MUST KNOW to unlock the full profit potential of 5G
  • The 5G Fortune Calendar,” where you’ll find all the catalysts on track to send 5G stock prices soaring over the next twelve months
  • The “Comeback Story of the Century”: Beaten-down and dirt cheap (but not for long), this legendary company stands to replace the top 5G supplier.

But I don’t just want to tell you the stocks to buy. I also want to tell you what NOT to buy.

That’s why I’ve compiled a third dossier titled...

“Four 5G Stocks to Avoid at All Costs”

After all, there’s A LOT of noise surrounding 5G right now.

Type “5G stocks” into your favorite search engine and you’ll get more than 43 MILLION results.

You need to be sure you are getting into the REAL 5G breakthrough stocks...

And not the pretenders.

Much like the dot-com boom, some 5G stocks will skyrocket... and some will drop harder than a 400-pound sumo wrestler.

For example, there’s one stock that some investment “experts” call “a home run”...

But even a half-decent analyst can see it’s a disaster.

Get this... in 2018, it had royalty revenues of just $159,000... and expenses of about $25 million.

That’s a disaster!

I’m going to steer you away from losers like this... and toward the big potential winners...

I’m prepared to rush my dossier outlining the four stocks to avoid like the plague to you today, 100% free (shipping included).

It will come along with the other two dossiers I’ve mentioned so far.

So I’m eager to send you...

“The Next Tech Giant: The Small Cap Stock Behind the 5G Revolution”...

“The 5G Millionaire’s Cheat Sheet: Six 5G Stocks to Buy Immediately”...

And “Four 5G Stocks to Avoid at All Costs.”

With this critical intelligence, you will have everything you need for the chance to profit handsomely from 5G.

Now, Here’s Why I’m Doing All This...

After I grew my portfolio from just $41,000 to $3.2 million in one year...

I handed in my letter of resignation, and I went into retirement. I was only 47 years old.

I passed my time relaxing on my 68-acre property and zipping around the countryside in my brand-new 1995 Ferrari F355 Spider.

Sounds like living the dream, right?

Here’s the thing... I was bored. I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Then it occurred to me: I made a lot of money in the markets – what if I could help others make money too?

I contacted an independent financial publishing firm and I told them the story of my millionaire-making trade.

They were blown away. So I made a proposal to them... a new, groundbreaking way to get access to my one-of-a-kind investment mind.

My approach was not only astonishingly simple... it was also so affordable, nearly everyone could get a piece of the action.

We started a new research service called...

It’s the only monthly newsletter service I know of that shows readers how to profit from the fastest-growing industries on the planet...

5G and artificial intelligence... virtual reality and driverless cars... even marijuana and CBD.

If it’s a new technology changing the world, you can count on me and my partner, Matthew Carr, to pinpoint the best way to make money from it.

You can become a part of my inner circle and join Strategic Trends Investor today. This is the only place you’ll find our proprietary research and all the explosive opportunities I uncover each and every month.

As a subscriber to Strategic Trends Investor, you’ll receive...

  • 12 Issues of Strategic Trends Investor: You’ll receive digital and print copies of this monthly newsletter, in which Matthew and I detail our latest picks, check on our model portfolios and explore the most lucrative trends in the markets.
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Helping Main Street Americans learn how to collect massive Wall Street windfalls is my mission in life.

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